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Keep telling yourself you can’t, and you won’t

So you have a lot of work to do. You are extremely busy. Whether it be children that are keeping your days occupied, tons of work, tons of schoolwork, tons of housework, work, work, work, work!! So you know you need to take a break, but you won’t, you can’t so you ¬†won’t. Ask yourself this line of questions: If your child asked you for something and it was reasonable, would you say no? If your boss asked you do to something, would you say no? If your professor, husband, wife, significant other asked you do to do something would you say no? However you say no to yourself over and over again. You can do a lot. You probably get quite a bit accomplished for others each day. You have gotten really good at neglecting yourself, leaving yourself for last. When someone says, ‘You should take a break.’ You say, ‘I can’t.’ So you won’t. How can you start to say yes to yourself? By saying yes. It is that simple. Say yes. Start with 10 minutes a day for yourself. Slowly increase it to an hour a day. You don’t have to exercise, you can sit and listen to music, watch your favorite show, talk to a friend. The only caveat is that you cannot simultaneously do something for someone else. Sometimes we make things harder than they are. The only way you can get better at saying yes to yourself is by doing it. Start right now, today. Say yes to yourself.